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We don’t cut corners. We will build your communications superhighway from scratch. Cutting-edge design, marketing and advertising solutions built just for you and only for you. Pixel by pixel to the minutest detail.
What we create:
01 Turnkey projects
02 Project auditing
03 Copywriting
04 Marketing
05 Video production
06 Design
Powerful marketing packaging for new high sales
Selling sites for YOUR business
01 Turnkey projects
02 Project auditing
03 Copywriting
04 Marketing
05 Video production
06 Design
Your dream team of
communication specialists
We aim to exceed expectations for even the most complex, unusual and demanding projects
Projects Audited
Successful Advertising Campaigns
Marketing Strategies Implemented
Turnkey Projects Completed
What We Do
We solve complex business challenges with unique and innovative creative solutions. We think out-of-the-box, we plan strategically and we execute in meticulous detail
2017-2019 SHOWCASE
In just one and half years we launched more than 30 sites and b2b platforms across multiple business sectors
FCI Partners
FCI Partners
Tableware designer Evasolo
A new online store for Evasolo - a seller of luxury tableware and interior home furnishings
Dance School Elite Dance
A website for a Modern Dance school established in Ukraine
Plumbing and heating equipment retailer WIZARD
A B2B platform and corporate website for a leading distributor in Ukraine for plumbing and heating equipment
Beauty salon Evita Studio
An online site for a Moscow-based beauty salon
Promo-site for a renowned Ukrainian craft beer producer
Vladimir Samokhin
Personal blog of network marketing specialist Vladimir Samokhin
Interior Design firm DYM
New site for architect and interior designer Marina Yudina
Hikid Kids Marketplace
An online marketplace for children's institutions and events
Russian language course provider Learn Russian
A new website for the St. Petersburg-based Russian language school which offers courses to foreign entrepreneurs and expats
Beauty Salon Blessnchic
Online store of a Kyiv-based beauty salon selling Korean and other specialist cosmetic products
Panic room
An interactive horror-movie themed promo site with special video and audio FX
Cosmetology school Beauty Set
An online store for professional cosmetics sold and used by a cosmetology school in Kyiv
NM Global Grain Trading Platform
A brand-new B2B platform for interaction between grain traders and farmers
Personal blog of Vladislav Rudnitsky
404 Agency Head of Online Marketing
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