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Creating a website is quite a big and complicated thing, especially if you don’t have expertise in the web design field. This checklist will help you arrange all the important questions and give you short tips to avoid the most critical mistakes.

Why beauty business needs a website?

1. Attract new customers

  • Convert website visitors into potential customers.
  • Provide comprehensive data: your services, team members, a gallery of works, etc.
  • Improve customers’ trust.
  • Apply CTA buttons, online booking, and contact forms to increase conversion rates.
  • Use online promotion opportunities: SEO, AdWords, and others.

2. Retain the existing clients

  • Set up remarketing to increase the overall sales metrics.
  • Simplify recurring bookings.
  • Update your customers on the latest news and upcoming events.
  • Post blog articles to bring additional value and keep in touch.
  • Add social links and buttons to involve visitors into your social activities.
  • Help customers to spread the word about you by sharing the website

3. Save your employees’ time

  • Give all the necessary info in one place.
  • Unburden the administrators with the online booking form.

The structure of a beauty salon website

1. Main page (or Homepage)

  • Tell the visitors who you are and what you offer;
  • Include CTAs, social links, and navigation;
  • Apply key features, images of your beauty therapists’ works, awards, and contact info;
  • Avoid flash animation, moving text, music, and auto-playing videos;
  • Disregard describing your services and products in their fullest — include only the main info.

2. Service pages

  • Enter detailed description of services, gallery of works, “before-after” images;
  • Involve the data about beauty therapists, and testimonials;
  • Add CTAs and booking forms to each of the pages;
  • Transmit your core values and unique proposition.

3. About page

  • Communicate the idea of who you are and what your brand is about;
  • Apply a precise visual statement, company core values, social proof;
  • Include testimonials from genuine clients and a bit of personal information.

4. Blog

  • Write about salon news, services in details, masters’ advice on beauty therapies;
  • Post pictures of your best works, latest sales, and promotions;
  • Avoid stock photos, topics not related to your business, outdated promotions, etc.

5. Contacts

  • Enter contact information and apply contact form;
  • Display a Google map showing the physical location of your salon;
  • Add the picture of your salon’s front to help your clients promptly find it.

Visual and text content for a beauty salon

1. Image content

Pictures of work

  • Make sure they clearly display the end result, not just the work (a nail) but a whole image and the emotion you wanted to create – not in a salon setting, but in a real setting where this “result” will be used – party, business meeting, sports training, etc. The image should also be accompanied by a description.
  • Let the face content correspond to the values of the audience. For instance, women of trophy men want to be noticed at some events and talked to. Consequently, they expect the salon they visit to display corresponding content that would show women of a particular age at a well-known event.
  • Make sure the content at your social networks make the followers and potential clients feel self-identity. Coming to your page they want to see the high-quality pictures followed by the real touching stories.

Photos of salon interior

  • Communicate your style, level, and the atmosphere through interior photos;
  • Avoid taking pictures during the working day when there are too many people in the salon;
  • Make sure to use studio lighting equipment when taking pictures in the evening.

Rules for the best visual content

  • Use high resolution to make the picture look more professional (minimum 72dpi);
  • Use ‘the rule of thirds’ to compose eye-catching figures;
  • Use good lighting to make the images vivid;
  • Use saturation to make the picture brighter;
  • Use the lowest values of ISO (100-400) to prevent digital noise;
  • Use moderate photo retouching to make them more attractive yet natural-looking.

2. Video content

Promo video

  • Represent your brand and services;
  • Place it on the second screen of the Main or About page to prevent load delay or scrolling down the page without looking at the video;
  • Make it short (from 1 to 3 minutes).

“Process” video

  • Showcase your team skills and add dynamics to your site;
  • Place it on a Service page;
  • Use devices with high-quality cameras while recording the video.

Criteria for video content

  • Use high resolution to make the picture look more professional (minimum 720p);
  • Use ‘the rule of thirds’ to compose eye-catching figures;
  • Use good lighting to make the images vivid;
  • Use saturation to make the picture brighter;
  • Use the lowest values of ISO (100-400) to prevent digital noise;
  • Use stabilization to prevent video shaking;
  • Keep the sound synchronous, moderately loud, clear, and lacking noise.

3. Text content

  • Use text to transmit your uniqueness, image, and style;
  • Tell more about the salon atmosphere and cleanness, and share its image;
  • Include details about masters’ expertise, their ability to keep silence;
  • Mention customer service as friendly and polite;
  • Share the latest news of your salon, therapists’ advice on beauty care in your blog;
  • Provide up to date information about cosmetics and innovations in the beauty industry.

Criteria for text content

  • Make it informative, describing your unique approaches and speaking the voice of your salon;
  • Appeal to the consumer quality and focus on the criteria the clients most value.
  • Include keywords for search engines indexation;
  • Include CTAs to make pages converting;
  • Engaging to allow clients to enjoy the read.
Product Quality Consumer Quality
Technical parameters and characteristics of your products and services:

  • high-quality materials and cosmetic ingredients,
  • the level of master’s certification,
  • the equipment used at the salon, etc.
How well does a product or a service meet the expectations and needs of your clients:

  • master’s expertise,
  • the vibe at the salon,
  • master’s ability to keep silence,
  • the emotional assessment of the result, etc.

Here are the most important Quality Criteria of beauty salon customers, according to the research – in-depth interviews of hundreds of beauty salon clients of medium price segment (all salons excluding bottom 10% and top 10% by price):

Other technical details to consider

Admin panel

  • Needs preliminary prototyping and agreement on its design and structure;
  • Should be clear and easy-to-use, so that you can manage the site independently.

Online Chat

  • Allows assisting customers in a real-time mode;
  • Increases the overall satisfaction rate;
  • Offers a specific tool for professionals.

Typical mistakes

Pre-project planning issue

  • Limited to a short discussion and the list of the most important pages. Ideally, the work should be performed in the following sequence: research of the salon’s concept (the services it offers, its target segment, and, especially, it’s clients Gains, Pains, Jobs, and Consumer Quality) — creating a technical task — creating wireframes and admin panel — development.

Team issue

  • Lack of communication between fellow designers who work from different places;
  • Different developing groups work on the same project which may lead to discrepancies in the end result.

Competence issue

  • The owner and beauty therapists dictate the design solutions;
  • The client offers unplanned dev tasks after the technical project is confirmed.

Design issues

  • Design made bright and fashionable, but not converting;
  • Poor navigation;
  • Lack of CTAs, forms and other converting elements (or too much of them);
  • Too much animation distracting the visitors from the essential information;

How to hire an agency?

  • Test the agency (or better a few) on a small task like creating a landing page to predict the success of your future cooperation.
  • Take the brief seriously, i.e. create a portrait of your target audience, collect and analyze feedback to give all the essential information to a web design agency you work with.
  • Make sure to provide ready content (photo, video, texts) prior to website release in order to allow more time the agency can spend on adapting it to your upcoming website or, vice versa, adapting the site to your content.


Previously, we wrote that “If consumers do not see anything unique in your brand, you have consumer goods”

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[Checklist] What should a website for a beauty salon look like

Creating a website is quite a big and complicated thing,...

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