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Got an idea of a brilliant new beauty product and looking for ways to bring it to the market? Or maybe your ready-to-go product just needs a slight push to win people’s hearts? Building a successful beauty brand doesn’t happen overnight.

In this article, we’ve collected the methods and strategies for effective brand promotion online. So, here’s a rundown of the actions a new beauty brand should do to stand out in a crowded online market.

Market analysis

First, learn the online market of beauty products as much as you can, study your competition. You need data on how it works, who is out there, what and how they sell, what’s their motto. It’s easy to get started with a simple SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis: Definition and Example

SWOT analysis helps you find out your main competitors in the field, their weaknesses and strengths. It’s an incredibly simple but efficient method that helps to analyze other market players and upgrade your own business strategy. Plus, SWOT data on your competitors can help generate new ideas for your own brand.

SWOT analysis

The acronym SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. What you have to do is write down these characteristics for the similar products on the market and place them in a two-by-two grid.

Face cream example

  • Trendy organic cosmetics
  • Unique ingredients
  • Worldwide distribution to more than 15 countries

  • Weak advertising
  • Unstable supply of ingredients and materials
  • New legislation banning certain components

  • Increased awareness about unique components used in the cream
  • The number of suppliers has increased
  • Demand for organic cosmetics is rising

  • Competition with top brands in the same field
  • Legislation issues
  • Unstable supply of ingredients and materials

Internal strengths and weaknesses is something a brand can control, yet, the same can’t be said about external threats and opportunities. You can’t fully take charge of them, only consider.

Tip: The more SWOT analyses you make — the better you understand the market landscape.

Think of Entry Product and Supporting Product

Let’s come back to the face cream example. Consumers might be using supporting products to apply it: sponges, rollers, massagers, and others. Therefore, it’s a great idea to add those products to your website and lure potential customers.

Tip: Sometimes you have to introduce your brand to the people by giving away samples or selling miniature versions of your products. Once you have those people involved in the marketing campaign you can offer them more expensive products.


Seamless online branding is crucial if you want your product to succeed. Here are a couple of ways how you can do it.

1. Create a Brand Book

L'oreal Pro Brand Book

A brand book is one of the marketing essentials and should be created before you start selling your product. It is a set of cohesive guidelines to help maintain the brand’s identity and stand out among other brands. The brand book communicates basic product style guidelines among different departments: marketers, sales, designers and so on.

The brand book should include the logo, color palette, typography, design system, imagery, tone of voice and corporate identity rules for employees.

Tip: The packaging design, information about the components, manufactured date, and country of origin will encourage potential customers to buy your product.

2. Develop the First Batch of Packaging

Once you are done with the first batch of packaging, organize a photo shoot for your product and ask famous bloggers or celebrities to join in. The best way to promote a beauty brand is to engage with influencers and get them to talk about your upcoming product. It will amplify the buzz and up-front excitement, and you will have customers queuing up. 

Tip: Make sure you get in touch with famous bloggers and give them exclusive information and photos that they can pass to their audience. It’s a great way to spike customers’ interest. 

Brand Website

Make your website interesting and useful. Include the services, prices, sales, information about your brand, and contact details. Remember that an attractive but simple website brings more traffic and, hence, more deals.

Website for a beauty brand

1. Create a Cool Website

Set up a website prototype based on data from the results of competitors’ SWOT analysis. Once you have it at hand — it is easier to avoid any sales funnel problems and prevent drop-off points. Whether you develop a website yourself or order it from another company, make sure that the design and programming elements are well-adjusted.

Tip: Ask copywriters to help you to create the website layout.

2. Organize and Analyze Data

Get a CRM system that will help you organize the client’s data. This will give an explicit overview of the current contacts, allow creating sales reports based on calls and closed deals, categorize clients by their interests and location, etc.

Tip: If your CRM system covers both online and offline sales, including phone calls, you will get more critical info such as purchasing history and information about the customers.

3. Add an Online Chat

Live chat on your website is a great way to gain customers’ trust. It allows you to create an emotional connection between you and your client, and, therefore — chances that they make a purchase will increase. 

Tip: Start the conversation with a chat-bot greeting and then involve a person in case the client has some questions.


Content marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to potential clients and build a brand reputation. If your brand image will be unique and credible, you will get a great number of loyal customers. Create a media-plan for PR-activities for next 3 months based on your brand positioning goals and channels that you are planning to use to influence the audience. This way you’d have a comprehensive overview of the content schedule and expected outcomes.

Marketing for a beauty brand

1. Create Content For Blogs and Beauty Magazines

Create the separated parts of content for blogs and beauty magazines. For instance: write informative product reviews and include your own product to the list.

Tip: Base the articles on your website prototype content and SWOT analysis.

2. Connect With Bloggers and Opinion Leaders

Bloggers and influencers have their well-established audiences and you can attract more clients by offering them to promote your brand. Keep in mind that bloggers value when you have a ready-to-use idea for them. Therefore, prepare a list of ways they can advertise your product before talking to them. 

Tip: Thanks to Instagram’s paid partnership tool you can promote your product via influencers’ Stories.

3. Create a Marketing Mailing List

Use email marketing to generate more conversions on your website. Share photo-based content, brand updates, and current promotions — make the customers familiar with the products you are offering.

Tip: Use an email marketing software that will be connected to your website (e.g., MailChimp or GetResponse) to make this process easier.

4. Develop Creative Content for Advertising

Your content should be informative and creative. Run a campaign with empowering messages or tell interesting stories about your brand. Use various interactive techniques such as giveaways or campaigns to stand out from a crowd.

Tip: Maximize the number of digital channels you use for advertising in order to engage more people in your campaign.

Maximize the number of digital channels you use for advertising

5. Produce Video Materials

Video content can help explain difficult things in a simple and interactive way. Create a promo-video for advertising and one that shows how to use your product. In order to convince the most skeptical customers, show your best products and their benefits.

Tip: Consumers generally want to see videos from the brands they support. Besides, video content is more catchy and memorable than text or images.

6. Set Up All Kinds of Advertising 

Engage as much advertising techniques as possible: contextual ads, social media, print ads, etc. Cross-channel advertising brings great results to marketing campaigns. Remember to target the right audience and add catchy photos to your texts.

Tip: Lure customers with a piece of useful information. Post an article on your website and then launch an advertising campaign that will help to bring the leads.

7. Don’t Forget About Social Networks

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for online advertising. If you are a part of your potential customers’ feed, you can seize their attention and, therefore, inspire to buy your product. However, sometimes you need to update your tactics on social media networks to remain topical.

Tip: Make the most of every social media engagement: build your brand image and emotional connection by responding to all the comments and reviews of your product.


Beauty Products — Distribution

The volume of sales made by distributors is much greater compared to selling in one place. So, make your business prosper by the carefully-built distributing system. 

1. Get in Touch With Promoters

Provide promoters with all the information they might need: your brand book, logistics, marginality and so on. Then create separate presentations or landing pages for each of the distributors — personalize the materials you are going to provide them with. Overall, you have to make sure they are well informed about your product and know where to go or whom to call in case of any unexpected situations. 

Tip: Mind that distributors evaluate your product differently than the end user. They might want to know how much profit they can make and whether your company is easy to cooperate with.

2. Start Collaboration

Look for the companies that are open for collaboration and reach out to them. Customers like the possibility of buying products from two different brands at the price of one. Collaboration creates buzz around the product since these deals are usually limited and are at high demand.

3. Cooperate with existing brands

Cooperation with brands, which share the same target audience, is a great way to get more promotion for your product. A successful partnership may boost your product image faster than a well-planned advertising campaign. 

Tip: Produce a “limited-edition” products to raise your brand’s popularity in short time.

4. Participate in exhibitions and events

There are various beauty exhibitions and events all around the world. If you get a chance to join them you can show your product to the big audience, get new customers and partners. It’s an opportunity to learn about other products on the market and what your competitors have to offer.

Tip: You can be presented in the promotional materials of the event. This will increase customer awareness of your brand and help you attract new audiences.

What Can Go Wrong

The whole process might seem overwhelming now, but the given steps will eventually bring you the desired results.

Anything — Keep Moving

There is a chance that you may encounter various kinds of challenges along with your promotion campaign: poor quality photos, a brand book that doesn’t meet your expectations or a CRM system that complicates the work and does not facilitate it. Do not lose hope and control these obstacles. Just keep going!

Be Ready for Negative Campaigning

As your business grows, some of your competitors may start campaigns against you. Don’t be in a funk. Turn the negative reviews into the marketing wins —  protect your brand image by the counter-responses to the negative comments from your competitors. Sometimes negative campaigning can help your brand by pointing out the problems you are not aware of. 

Wrap up

Promoting a beauty brand may take time but “Rome wasn’t built in a day” either. As an entrepreneur, you have to deal with competition and constantly strive to stand out in a crowded online market.

Thoughtful business promotion is essential. Analyze competitors, create an outstanding brand image, customize the technical part of the project, and then you can start a promotion. Work with reputable bloggers, participate in various events in your industry, collaborate with other brands and create high-quality content.

The recommendations in this article can be applied to an online beauty brand promo with any budget. However, the quality of outcomes might differ.


Previously, we wrote that “If consumers do not see anything unique in your brand, you have consumer goods”

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