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Being an owner of a small local beauty salon is like doing a hurdle race. You work 24/7 to make your business profitable: put enormous effort to attract clients, hire (or fire) staff, make sure there is enough dye materials or other supplies… A beauty salon owner’s life is overly busy with daily operations and the aspect which often gets neglected is marketing.

At 404 agency, we have executed numerous marketing audits and campaigns, including for beauty salons, and we’ve seen it all. How hard the smaller scale and family owned salons work to attract clients and turn them into regulars. How they struggle to find good personnel to give clients the high-quality services they desire and monitor how well specialists work to achieve the salon’s goals. But their work could be much more efficient when proper marketing is involved.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of how to market your beauty salon online, calculate the efficiency of campaigns and when to expect progress.

What Brings You Maximum Profit

Long-term profits for beauty salons come from regular clients, and here’s why:

  • You don’t need to spend money to attract them again. 
  • Satisfied clients are likely to recommend you to other people. 
  • Regular clients allow for planning in advance of both expenses and profits. 

Thus, it’s crucial to focus on customer retention. 

Once a client is satisfied with the quality of work or service, they’re inclined to come back to the same place. People appreciate beauty professionals who know how to deal with their hair or skin type, hair pigment or nails structure, and other peculiarities. It’s much easier to poach a professional from another salon than nick a client. Once they trust, they won’t switch easily. 

With this kind of relationship, you become significantly less vulnerable to price competition than other salons. This means that people would choose you for your advantages, not just for the lowest rates. 

Our research of beauty businesses shows that clients choose a salon by definite criteria. Excluding price sensitivity, we got the following picture, where the numbers reflect the importance of the features. 

Our research of beauty businesses shows that clients choose a salon by definite criteria.

Taking into account clients’ preferences, you can adjust marketing efforts (advertising messages, promotions, etc.) to achieve better profitability. 

How Do You Use Digital Marketing to Maximize the Results of Your Beauty Business? 

Before starting with any efforts, you should make an audit of all marketing assets you already have and then, identify what channels are most useful to your salon business. This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses, at least at the early stages. For example, pinning cool pictures of your salon on Pinterest could be a great idea — or just a waste of time and money if your target audience doesn’t use this social network. 

Better yet, leave this to a good specialist in beauty salon marketing and clear up your schedule for salon management solely. 

The same goes for social media. Hire an SMM (social media marketing) specialist for maintaining your social pages, devising a content plan, and communicating with clients online. You wouldn’t have an accountant do a hair coloring job, and exactly the same way marketing should be done by professionals.

Marketing for Beauty Salons: The First Steps

As a business owner, you should be aware of some marketing basics in order to understand what your marketers tell you about and whether they perform the desired results. 

Let’s begin with the terminology: 

  • Marketing assets. It’s everything you have acquired for promoting your value to clients. It’s your website, social media pages, and posts, emails, articles, advertising messages, successful and failed campaigns, etc. Anything that can be used for planning or maintaining new marketing efforts. 
  • Marketing channels. These are all means and tools you can use to let people know about your company and offers. TV, radio, print, social media, blogs, email lists, etc. 

Every asset and channel has to be carefully monitored for performance. The following key marketing performance metrics will help you figure out better what’s working or not:

  • CR (conversion rate, or % conv). This metric shows how many people out of everyone who has seen your ad or offer, actually did what you wanted. For example, if 20 people out of 200 visitors, the conversion rate of the page — or ads campaign — is 10%. 
  • CAC (customer acquisition value). This metric shows your expenses for acquiring a customer from a particular channel or campaign. If you spend $100 on some kind of promotion and you get 5 clients, your CAC is $20.The smaller the number, the more effective your efforts are.
  • CPL (cost per lead). This metric shows how much it costs you to receive a lead — a potentially interested person, but not a client yet. It works almost the same as CAC, but what we count are leads, not clients. The division into CPL and CAC helps you better identify the problems: e.g., it’s marketing department who don’t bring you enough leads for your money — or they overturn after a conversation with your administrator.

CPL (cost per lead)

  • LTV (lifetime value). This one shows how much income you get for all the period of your relationship with your average client. For example, if clients usually bring you $100 per month and they normally stay with you for 36 months, the LTV is $3600. 

Marketing a Beauty Salon: Using Channels

A marketing channel is any platform you can use to advertise your services but there are certain ones that work best for promoting salons. It should go without saying that having a good website is a life saver for any business these days, but beauty is not only about the visuals. It’s also about communication and that’s where social media platforms come into play.

Here, we will go over the channels and if you don’t have something that’s on the list, it’s high time you get it.

Website and SEO

This is your primary channel and it works the longest. The uniting point for all your marketing efforts which brings conversions. Ideally, your website should come on the first line or at least the first page when internet users search for services of your kind. Regular SEO practices help achieve an optimal outcome. 

Having a blog and constantly updating it with quality content relevant for often-used keywords signals search engines that your site may be interesting for users, and it improves your position in the search engines results.

improves your position in the search engines results


This social network is also a great tool for attracting the audience. Sharing texts, pictures, videos, and stories would give you additional leads and clients. Consistent posting is very important here, so creating a content plan in advance and using the Facebook automated posting feature will be a huge help. 

It is a very powerful tool with wide targeting possibilities in paid ads. You may post for people with the desired age, sex, address, interests, family status, or even the ones who follow your competitors. 

It is a very powerful tool with wide targeting possibilities in paid ads


This is one of the major social networks to promote beauty salons. Initially meant just for sharing pictures, now it is a powerful business tool for all kinds of ‘visual’ businesses, especially for beauty. High-resolution photos from your salon, regular posting, and meaningful captions will boost your popularity.

Instagram offers many marketing possibilities, from business accounts to particular posts and stories features and, of course, paid ads to get more views. Just like Facebook, Instagram cuts free views, so paid ads are usually necessary to get significant results. 

Instagram offers many marketing possibilities


YouTube is an optional but progressive tool. Making high-quality videos takes a lot of effort but if you have the opportunity, do launch your own channel. Bright interesting shareable videos would attract a lot of attention to your salon. It could be fun clips, backstage shots, educational videos, or tips on better hair and makeup.

ROI Forecasting

As we already mentioned, each channel has to be monitored for performance. And what is even more important, each paid channel should bring you ROI. Here is a short glimpse on when you might expect the results for the main types of the paid ads.

ROI Forecasting — Marketing for a beauty salon

Some Tips for Better Salon Marketing

Though some things are quite obvious like “provide the best possible service” or “train your staff regularly”, there are other aspects, not all salon owners know.

Let Your Staff Do What They Can Do Best – Their job

And delegate marketing to specialists. 

It’s a common case when salon administrators also post to Facebook, create ads, and other tasks that are not related to their direct responsibilities. As a result, they can’t fully focus on their primary duties and improve their skills. On the other hand, it’s most likely that the posts will be shallow, content — low-quality and inconsistent, and the social media accounts won’t perform as well as you might expect.

Start Using a CRM System

Even the simplest CRM will do your business some good: help organize client data, keep employee profiles, create a work schedule, and automate a number of other routine salon processes. It will also help strengthen your relationship with clients, remember their significant dates and their plans, and then call them to give personalized offers.

There are different variations, but some of them help support sales and give insights into marketing campaigns. For example, recording which clients found you on Facebook will help calculate the platform’s value as a marketing channel.

Create a Website

As we’ve already mentioned, a website is a must-have for any business. It has the most long-term results as a marketing channel. It also acts as your business card on the web. You can use it for marketing, communicating with clients, sharing news, promo campaigns. Here’s a guide to what a beauty salon website should look like.

Offer Convenient Appointment Booking

Another good reason for having a website is that you can add an online booking feature, adapted to all devices (mobile and desktop). Add different options, like booking via the website form, a messenger app, and social media. But make sure your administrators do add appointments to the calendar right away — or they are added automatically into your CRM — so there are no misunderstandings.

Write Posts about the Beauty Issues Your Clients Face

How to fix a broken nail or mask split-ends on hair — that’s what your potential clients are googling. If you put up blog posts with tips and professional advice on how to fix such common issues, this may influence both your reputation and SEO positions. 

Use Remarketing to Stay on Top of Clients’ Minds

Here’s yet another perk of having a well-optimized website and online advertising. If a potential client visits it once, you can keep showing up anytime they surf the web. Say, they’ve read your blog post about fixing a broken nail. They navigate to other sites and social networks and there it is, the ad of your salon on their screen. The more they see your salons name, the more likely they are to phone and book an appointment — but be careful and not over spam.

Use Remarketing to Stay on Top of Clients' Minds

Create a Brand Book and Develop your Brand Image

A consistent brand image is what makes it easier to remember your salon, feel its unique style, and differentiate from the competitors. Your logo, colors, the slogan, and other elements of the corporate identity should be everywhere: on the front door signboard, visit cards, employees’ uniforms, and even napkins. And of course, it is important to maintain the corporate style online, from the website to the smallest piece of ads. 

Create a Brand Book and Develop your Brand Image

Open a Beauty School or Training Program

It’s true that good beauty professionals are hard to come by. Usually, you hire someone who’s been through beauty training but you need to spend time honing their skills and searching for talent. Why not open a beauty school to share your knowledge and experience, improve your image, and also and hire star students after the training?

Mind the Difference Between Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty Programs

Offering a discount card is a common practice, but did you know that it’s part of client retention? You’re just giving them an incentive to come back. A loyalty program, on the other hand, is intended to bring additional positive emotions. For example, it may be gifting a hand cream or a fancy soap. Even a $5 item given with care may bring you much more in profit.

Educating your professionals and administrators to be more client-oriented is a given. But a loyalty program would entail your employees to listen carefully to each client’s wants and preferences. Does a client say they like the color blue? Gifting a blue colored soap would warm their heart. Or send a special birthday gift instead of — or at least together with — a birthday discount.

Make Clients Show Up at the Appointed Time

Add website registration form and button. And a CTA (call to action) message to give an incentive to actually click on that button or register. Also, offer clients to set up notifications on their phone so they don’t miss an appointment (in case they don’t register online and you didn’t receive their contacts that way) — or use a CRM that includes this feature and sends the reminders automatically.

Wrap Up

Well-crafted digital marketing is really able to boost your profitability and land your business with long-term clients. 

Evaluate your assets and channels. See what can be improved or which channel you should launch asap. Calculate key metrics to see if your channels perform effectively. Aim at making your CPL and CAC lower than LTV. Let your employees do their job and delegate marketing to the specialists. Elaborate customer retention and loyalty programs (remember that these are two different programs). 

This would save you and your employees hours and days of time and bring you much more ROI than an unplanned and chaotic process. 


Previously, we wrote that “If consumers do not see anything unique in your brand, you have consumer goods”

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